What are they?

     The Prague Ratter (Pražský Krysarík) is a miniature, friendly, social, extremely intelligent, and obedient dog. Prague Ratters love children and do extremely well in a family environment.  For such a small dog, Prague Ratters are not barkers, unlike many other small dogs. By nature they are noble and intelligent. Their personality is like a large dog in a small body, laid back most of the time, but when playing is very lively and fast! 

     The Prazsky Krysarik breed is extremely old, so it is almost impossible to trace its early beginnings, but Polish chronicler Gala Anonym wrote that Polish king Boleslav II the Generous (1058 -1080) became fond of the Prague Ratter, he had two that came from Bohemia (the Czech lands). The Ratter was often present at royal banquets and also symbolized the independence of Czech lands ( Bohemia) and sovereignty of the Czech nation. In early history of the Czech lands ( Bohemia) the Ratter adorned the courts of Czech princes and kings and was often given as a gift to other European rulers. From the royal palaces these dogs eventually migrated their way into society.