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Contact Information:

Kennel Owner: Katherine (Katt) Handel:

Phone: 407 404-3772

Email: kattscutepups@gmail.com or katharinakatt@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KattsCutePups



One retired breeding female available now - Nia

Nia is being retired from the breeding program and is a 3 year old short haired female.  She is an awesome family dog, loves people, gets along with other dogs and cats.  She knows basic commands and is house trained.  She is the dog I would always take out in public to show how awesome this breed is. She knows sit, stay, come, get down, good girl, bad girl, and no. She is a 'Tigger' meaning she loves to bounce!  She jumps up and down excitedly when she wants something!   She loves to sleep under blankets and in bed with you.  She is like a furry hot water bottle.  She loves to cuddle and will lay in your lap happily for hours.


About Us:

I've always had dogs growing up and after moving to Germany I started looking for a small dog for my apartment that I could take everywhere and be my baby and companion.  I bought a half breed Prague Ratter and absolutely fell in love!  So when I moved back to the US 16 years later I decided I wanted to encourage the awesome Prague Ratter breed. I currently live on a beautiful farm in north west Arkansas where my farm animals and dogs can be happy and have room to run and play.


Planned Breedings:

Puppies are available at regular intervals as regular breedings are currently ongoing.


Our Views:

The US is filled with too many small breeds that have been inbred past stupidity!  It is refreshing to find a breed that is so intelligent, fun filled, expressive, loving... and did I say smart!?  The Prague Ratter is an amazing breed and shows how true breeding for a better dog can be achieved!  The Prague Ratter is not a 'toy' or 'fashion accessory' like so many small breeds are called today.  The Prague Ratter is royalty, and proves its differences on a daily basis.  You will not find another breed like this one... True to its name and its history.


Our Pups:

From start of pregnancy to birthing to adoption age the health of my dogs and their pups are my number one priority.  I work very closely with my vet to insure all dogs are kept at maximum health at all times.


My Dogs:

Speckle: Female Short Haired

Speckle is pure royalty and shows it just how the way she sits and prances.  She has delicate facial figures which give her the sweet puppy look even in adulthood.  She has a very sweet personality and easy to get along with other dogs.  She is the best mother a pup could have, rarely leaving the side of her babies.

Speckle is in the middle

Speckle is in the middle


Nia : Female Short Haired

Nia is the biggest people lover!  She will trade playing in the play yard with the other dogs to curling up with her people!  Her nickname is 'Tigger' because she will bounce up and down until she is taken back to her people!  Everyone loves her and she is the dog I take out in public to show off how awesome Prague Ratters are.  




Rusky: Male Short Haired

Rusky is happy all the time!  The only time when you see him not smiling is when he's asleep!  He loves to romp and play and is such a sweet man to his girls.  Rusky was imported from Czechoslovakia and is living the life up in America!




Puppies Available:


Jupiter:  Male short haired black/tan

born March 1, 2017

Jupiter is such a sweet boy and has a habit of staring up at you adoringly.  He is very submissive and loves to cuddle.  He snuggles under blankets at nights, loves car rides, is great in public, and loves to drink water from the running hose!  He is just a pure sweetheart and needs to find a furever home.

Jupiter is available

Jupiter is available




August 5, 2017

Hey, Katt.

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in adopting a Prague Ratter puppy from you.  I really appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you answered all my questions during the process.  I loved the frequent email updates about how Angelic was growing and what she was learning.  The photos warmed my heart as I waited for the day I could pick her up. 

Angelic is a charming puppy and learns very quickly.  She goes with us everywhere and as you know, attracts a lot of attention. She is a great ambassador for the breed!  We are best friends and look forward to enjoying the next 15+ years with her.

It’s obvious that loving and caring for your puppies is your top priority and I am delighted to have met you.  I am happy to talk with any potential clients and will provide an A+ reference. Let’s keep in touch. Toni Olsen