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We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest puppy available!  Female Chocolate/Tan puppy available, D.O.B. 6/20/2018 Sire: Carolyn's Chorny Dam: Tecka Secure Power(Czech Import) or is the Sire and Dam info necessary? Contact Denise at 712-314-8540 or email or

 Bella's puppy is Sold

Bella's puppy is Sold


We are Chris Boyer and Denise Rupert, we met in November 2008, from the day we met we have focused on rescue and re-homing unwanted pets. We have successfully rescued and placed more than 15 dogs. Our love for the Prague Ratter Breed came from one of our own rescues we still have, her name is Gizmo, she is a Chihuahua mix, we were trying to figure out what she was crossed with, so we did some research and stumbled onto the Prague Ratter Breed. As it turns out Gizmo is not part Prague Ratter, but has several of the attributes of the Ratters. The information we found interested us so much we purchased our first PR in July 2014, her name is Bella, she was so small when we got her, she is the smallest dog either of us had ever had. We loved her personality so much, we decided we wanted to help promote the breed and get them recognized as the wonderful little dogs they are. In September 2015 we purchased our second PR Nevelle, he was 9 months old when we purchased him, I was concerned he would not fit with our pack, when we purchased him we already had 9 dogs, and they were all rescues except Bella, we introduced him to our pack one at a time, he got along with every one of the dogs, he never showed any aggression to any of the group. He house trained quickly and learned to fetch and return toys in a matter of a few hours. We cannot emphasize how smart, loyal, and loving this breed is. As I am writing this Nevelle is snuggling with me, wanting attention. We strive to give all of our pups the best life possible, as some of our furbabies come from unknown circumstances, a few are pound puppies and some were just dumped off in our neighborhood. Denise raised Dachshunds for about 4 years. Chris and I (Denise) both had Dachshunds when we met, that is a big reason we chose to rescue. We have just recently had a successful breeding of Bella and Nevelle, and delivery of one female puppy, she was born April 1, 2017.  I hand raised and socialized my Dachshund puppies and will do the same for our PR puppies. We praise and promote the breed every chance we get. When we are out in the public we always get asked if our pups are Min Pins, Chihuahuas, or what they are, and I always giggle because we introduce them as Pratzsky Krysariks, and we get the reply they’re what? And we explain what we know (from our research) of the breed and what we have experienced since having them as part of our family.


 Neville is our stud dog

Neville is our stud dog

Bella and her baby Alina


I can not say enough about how amazing Lifeblood Kennel is. Denise and Chris are such awesome people. Working with them was a great experience. From the day I inquired about my puppy Luna, Denise gave me constant updates! It was really nice being involved in her development and progress. You can tell just how much they love their dogs! Luna is an amazing pup. She had no trouble at all transitioning into my home. Luna was potty trained and crate trained when I received her! Denise and Chris drove 10.5 hours to come meet me and deliver Luna. She has the best personality. She is an amazing puppy. Denise and I still stay in contact and I send lots of the pictures and updated to her! Chris and Denise are awesome doggy parents and I would highly recommend them as a breeder. I have had the best experience with Lifeblood Kennel! I will definitely be returning to them when I am ready for another pup!  - Molly Wittig (Lifeblood's Luna Alina Wittig)