Palomar Prague Ratters 

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Kennel Owner: Kristin Boren          Phone: (559) 246-6664          Email:

About Us:

*** WE HAVE NO FUTURE BREEDINGS PLANED AT THIS TIME - (Carrimore Kennels is now breeding along the breeding plan of Palomar)

     My name is Kristin Boren.  I am the President of the Prague Ratter Club of America.  My husband and I as well as our two children are true dog people. Mark and I both are Animal Science Graduates.  We own both Pudelpointers as well as Prague Ratters.  I am a past President and current Board of Directors member of the Pudelpointer Club of North America as well. We  own six females; Viva, Cibetka , Isabella, Tilly, Tecka Proper Puppy, Palomar's Cosette (a long haired black and tan merle - the most rare Prague Ratter in the world),  and a tiny little female named Tiki.  Tiki is a spayed female of ours.  We also have imported a stud dog who is beautiful,  Volt z Jeric.   In September 2014 we added the  two beautiful merle short haired Prague Ratters, which are half sisters of Tecka Proper Puppy.  Cibetka, Viva, and Cosette are the only merle Prague Ratters in the USA.  Viva has the gene to produce long haired pups and maybe Cibetka too...time will tell.  We enjoyed traveling to the Czech Republic twice to bring home several of our beautiful dogs. Volt has already proven himself as an outstanding stud dog and his pups are smart, absolutely beautiful, and so far are all natural retrievers and love playing ball.  

Planned Breedings:

We have no further planned breedings.  Palomar's Prague Ratters is taking a much needed break.  Thank you to all of you who own a Palomar Prague Ratter and also to those who have been fans of these fine dogs.

Our Philosophy:

     All of our Prague Ratters are raised in our home.  We are meticulous about good health care as well as cleanliness.  Socialization is of high priority.  We handle our dogs often as do our children.  We lead a balanced pack and all our dogs are followers of our good pack leadership.  Puppies from Palomar Prague Ratters will have been shown good pack leadership and come to you as balanced individuals.  It is up to you to continue being a good pack leader once you receive your puppy.  Selling you a puppy is not where our relationship with you ends.  It is a beginning.  We like to keep in touch with our puppy buyers and are always here to coach you over the phone to develop your puppy into the perfect canine companion.  So, please know that we are always only a phone call away.  We do our best to match the right puppy with the right family.  We don't maintain a "picking order" for our litters,  but instead help guide you to getting the best puppy for you.    

   All our puppies come started on their vaccines and wormings.  They do not leave our home for this as we like to limit exposure to possible canine diseases that they might pick up at an animal hospital.   We give the vaccines here at home.  I have extensive experience with canine health care, and worked in various veterinary hospitals for 9 years.  Mark is currently working in the animal pharmaceutical field.  We do NOT dock tails on our Prague Ratters.  Tail docking is not the norm in our breed.  I believe that within several years tail docking will be illegal in Europe.  We think the tails are very cute and see no management reason to cut the tail.  We DO cut dewclaws, so your puppy will not have dewclaws to worry about.  

Please don't hesitate to call us to learn more about Palomar Prague Ratters!

Our Dogs:

Our Puppies:

This is what our pups look like... they are fabulous!  I begin potty training at 3 weeks so all pups understand how to use the pee pad when you get your puppy.



What an extraordinary experience! Kristin is no ordinary breeder but rather a devoted animal expert with a deep commitment to Prague Ratters as a rare breed. Every step of the way, she was there for me, providing breed education and almost daily opportunities to bond with my new puppy via photos, videos, and phone calls. Lulu came to me already grounded as healthy pack member and, as a result, has developed into a warm, energetic, and resilient pup. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Palomar’s Prague Ratters and consider Kristin to be one of the finest breeders. What an honor to be dog-in-laws!
— Chantal F.
When researching for our next dog, we discovered the Prague Ratter and Kristin Boren. Not only was Kristin the perfect person for us to work with, she provided us with the Best little girl that we named Ziva. She has been such a joy to us on many, many levels. She adapted well to our home, she was easy to train and was given a clean bill of health by our vet. If we had to do it over again, we wouldn’t change a thing!
— Chas & Bruce; Cincinnati, Ohio
Kim has two of Palomar’s Prague ratters... She loves them to the moon and back.
— Kim Cobb; (405) 844-5375
I had so many qualities on my puppy wish list! I wanted a small dog to take in the airplane cabin when I travel. I wanted a short-coated dog for ease of grooming. I wanted an intelligent dog and one that would train easily. I wanted a dog who would cuddle with me on the couch, but would also be playful and fun. And I needed a dog that would integrate into my three cat household. After a few months of research and many phone calls to different breeders I finally thought the Prague Ratter would be the best dog for me. I chose Kristin initially because I fell in love with her pictures of Tecka and Volt! In the end I chose Kristin because she really cares about her dogs and really wants her puppies to go to the right people. But she also understands “puppy fever” and was always patient with my exuberance! Obtaining one of these precious puppies takes time, but is well worth the wait. I ended up with a puppy from Isabella and Volt and I couldn’t be more pleased! And not only is Kristin a great breeder, but she is also a great friend. Thanks so much for allowing me to share my home with Leonidas!
— Stephanie
I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that Kristin was recommended to me as a breeder. Since our first contact a little over a month ago, we have communicated at least once a week over the phone & through E mail. I have received both photos & video of the dame (Izzy) & the sire (Milos) & what a pair these two make!! We all know how hard it can be to wait for a furry little bundle of joy...that’s why it’s been so nice to have a breeder like Kristin who understands that eagerness & goes out of her way to ease this anxious waiting period. Not only did Kristin provide me with information about the Prague Ratter breed-history, temperament, grooming & health issues but has also recommended books, tips & tricks to aid in training our pup. It’s very clear that Kristin takes pride in what she does & works hard to ensure the proper placement of her pups. I couldn’t be any more pleased with this experience & we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The puppies!
— Crystal S.

***Crystal came to visit the pups at 2 weeks... we welcome visits by our new puppy families! "Seeing these pups in person is even better than the pictures," says Crystal!  An unforgettable experience and the first of many for a new Prague Ratter owner.  She is happily anticipating taking one of these beauties home in a few weeks.***

Words cannot express the absolute love, joy and excitement we have felt since our handsome little Drake came home to us 6 weeks ago. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Palomar Prague Ratters & to have been given such an amazing puppy... Drake really is our dream dog and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Drake is an outgoing, affectionate, super intelligent & well adjusted puppy. Having spent time with his mother Isabella, It’s very clear that not only his good looks but his good nature as well came from her. From day one at home, Drake has happily gone to bed in his crate without so much as a peep, unless to notify us of his need to use the bathroom. He came to us already knowing to use pee pee pads & after only 2 weeks & 2 accidents... he was completely housetrained! He has also learned a variety of tricks over the last 6 weeks, including fetch, sit, lay down, speak, crawl & stay! He constantly amazes us with his intelligence & eagerness to please. He is confident and curious & very easy going. There isn’t anything that can provoke him to misbehave, not a barking dog, a knock on the door, the door bell, loud noises... nothing. He is a perfect little gentleman. Its as if he really understands what we’re asking of him & what we expect of him. Everyone we know & meet, from our friends to our Vet is crazy about him! Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is, where we got him and how we found Palomar Prague Ratters. Me being the proud owner that I am, I gladly share my knowledge of this amazing breed & our amazing breeder! This will not be the last puppy we own that comes from Kristin’s home. As we’ve learned... the right breeder makes all the difference.
— Crystal S.
My husband, seven year old son and I recently adopted Trixie from Kristin and we couldn’t be happier! Trixie is a wonderful, loving dog. She is amazing with people of all ages - unlike some other small dogs, she is very tolerant and calm when being introduced. She loves to play, run around and attack toys twice her size, but is also a cuddler and is quite happy to sleep in my lap while I’m working (I work at a small secondary school and all of the kids love her!) She is currently four months old and weighs a petite 3lbs 5oz. Although she is so tiny, she is a great companion dog who walks well on a leash and loves to run in the backyard. Of course the reason why Trixie is such a great pet is that she came from a wonderful breeder! Kristin truly cares about the welfare of the pups, and this relationship continues even after they leave her home. This is our first dog, and we are so fortunate that we found Kristin!
— Marie: Proud owner of Trixie