Membership (Single dog registration & Kennel Registration)

     Individual dogs may be registered by using this registration form. One form should be filled out for each dog or Kennel registered.

  • Cost is $15.00 per dog. 
  • Name changes for registered dogs and change of ownership will incur an additional $15.00 each dog. Please email for special instructions for this.
  • Kennel registration had an additional one time fee of $25.00.
  • Litter registration is $15.00 for each dog in the the litter, and can be registered using one form, but litter must be from registered dogs. Breeders are required to register puppies in each litter within 90 days.  ( Late registrations are $20.00 for each puppy). Breeders are required to register all puppies live born and weaned in their kennel and may not choose to not register puppies. Failure to register pups born in registered kennels will not remain in good standing with the Prague Ratter Club of America. 

      All applications must be accompanied with the pedigree generation information you have or a copy of your dogs pedigree may be emailed to sure your name is on the emailed pedigree info) or fill out the Pedigree Information box below. Please make note of CMKU PK registration numbers of dogs listed for the pedigree if available. If additional information is needed you may email us or call us 559-246-6664. 

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Dog's Birthday
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